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Embodied Yoga brings the ancient teachings of Satyananda yoga to life for happiness and fulfilment. It brings freedom from anxiety, stress, depression, worry and other mental and emotional problems.

Yoga ClassA different type of yoga… Most yoga in the West has developed from more physically-based forms of yoga and include Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and their influences can also be seen in Anusara yoga. These have largely come out of Kirshnamacharya during the last century. Satyananda yoga is very different in that it deals more with one’s whole being and teaches in a slow and very systematic way.

It is ideal for beginners, as it starts very gently, but utilizes awareness of the breath from the start, and works with many layers of the self. People feel the benefits of relaxation immediately, and the physical benefits develop as the postures gradually get stronger as you adjust to the practice.

It is also an excellent form of yoga for those more experienced yoga practitioners who realise there is much more to yoga than the physical practice. It is an ideal way to embark more deeply on the inner journey to self, connect with one’s deeper wisdom, and prepare the mind for meditation and realising our higher potential.

It is not religion and is compatible with all faiths… In this type of yoga we do not worship Hindu gods, it is not a religion. Yoga is a science, it is a system and philosophy that is compatible with all faiths. Your teacher is a Christian, so she should know!

Learn how to release all physical, mental and emotional tension to improve your health and wellbeing, through a combination of postures, breathing practices, meditation and yoga nidra (deep mind-body relaxation) as well as learning about the science and psychology of yoga.

In Staffordshire and the West Midlands I am the only yoga teacher who is both certified as a Satyananda Yoga teacher and a UKCP registered clinical psychotherapist. » More about your teacher

Yoga wellbeing

• Develop a deeper sense of calm and cope with life’s adversities better

• Improve your strength and flexibility

• Overcome stress and anxiety

• Sleep better and have more energy

• Learn how to stop letting your emotions get the better of you

I found the mix of practice, reflection and explanation very enjoyable providing a good mix of pace and activity. Calming, relaxing and an opportunity for real and true reflection, seldom found in everyday life.
SP, Business Coach

The session you provided was really worthwhile and made us all think about being in the right shape and state of mind to go about our days.  What really stuck out to me was how professional and dedicated you are to your work and totally believed in its power and that influenced us greatly.  We got much out of the session as a team, a shared experience and some real fun.
Jon Hartland, Central Retail Director, J. Sainsburys plc

We employ Sue to teach weekly yoga/stress management classes which she has tailored to suit our staff needs and our objectives, and I look forward to working with her in the future when we focus on mental health.
Kate Harrold, Health Strategy Officer, Stafford Borough Council Environmental & Health Services

I have no hesitation in recommending the yoga class that Sue Tupling runs. I have been practising yoga at various venues for the last ten years, however I have recently started attending Sue's class and find it to be the best that I have come across. Sue's class teaches you to manage stress and health issues effectively, aswell as improving fitness.  She teaches in a very effective and structured manner.
Kelly Tune

I would like to say how much I enjoy the classes, and it has really benefited me – I feel as if I have more energy!
J Haworth

Excellent introduction to the practice of yoga. Individual help/assistance is always there for everyone present.
Workshop attendee

I am much more relaxed and confident in my abilities.
Workshop attendee